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January- Was spent learning to write with my left hand after cutting through a tendon. It all got pretty stressful, particularly with regards to money, but I did make some fan vids- not a bad achievement with only one working appendage. Also, a bit of LARP took place- steampunk style, which was the first game I’d PLAYED in months.

 February- was the beginning of spending the next five months largely on trains because I was commuting to Manchester and Oldham… a few run ins with the bank, a bit of angst and of course, Tendon Repair failure which saw me doing a lot of this with my hand in a giant plastic brace. One armed dyspraxic on public transport!

 Melancholic February videos included this one:

 And a furious rant about the reporting of the effectiveness of anidepressants.

 March- was a month for ranting, apparently.

 April – Brought season 4 of New Doctor Who, which livened up Saturdays a lot, and also what I think of as one of my better pieces of writing in the fandom, although its slashy and explicit consent manipulations may not be for everyone. .

My LJ appears to be very blank for May, and my memory being what it is I have no recollection of that month anyway…

So in June- we have The compressed version of this vid is appalling but the actual 100MB version is fine, although doing it made me crazy and I couldn’t watch it for ages after. But not so bad in the end, scooping a fanvid award as it did  eventually do.

However, this was the month that my cat, Marty Thomas could very nearly have died, having what turned out in the end to be a stroke from which, luckily, he has mostly recovered, albeit blind in one eye.  Those were horrific days emotionally.

 I got an interview for a teaching course, as Oldham had finished and Manchester’s contracts were about to change meaning my commute was no longer viable. I was very enthused about this at the time, as well as not being at all sure it was what I wanted.

 July- saw the end of who season 4, so bah to Saturdays for quite some time.

 August – is usually an odd month. I felt quite lonely, got a first aid certificate, two of my friends married each other, I saw David Tennant and Patrick Stewart in Hamlet, developed a massive crush (still have it!), some friends suffered sad losses, and another one had a horse riding accident, and yet another got involved with a man that led to such a radical personality change several of us were, and are, a wee bit worried.

 September started with -I won another fanvid award,

Although by now I was so disenchanted with the situation with my teaching course  (and effectively unable to pay for it) and life in general that things were not good. I did realise a lot about what I actually enjoyed and what I was crap at which led to me realising a few things about how I work.

 October – things were still pretty bad financially and no work on the horizon.  My entry to a fanfic exchange was popular enough to warrant a mention…, if only for its length and my first ever recc!. I followed this up with an attempt to prove that it was possible to write original female characters that weren’t awful Mary Sues, learning a lot about writing in the process… . I was damn proud of that story and it solidified in my head that what at the core of everything I have always wanted to do- write fiction.

I was also finally offered a job, and got to do what I love doing, which was helping run Serenity. That no sleep, doing something useful feeling just makes me happy somehow J I also took a foray into LiveJournal Roleplaying, which was effective as a late night diversion from everything else.  Although sad, news that DT was to quit Who, wasn’t the end of my world.

 November – Much attempting to get a start date for work to no avail, financial crap continued. November was made a little more tolerable by discovering Life on Mars and the enthusiasm with which some friends met this announcement J It was also time to do something about the Torchwood Liverpool project, so we set up dates for auditions.

At the end of the month I finally got a start date so things should have been looking up –

 December – Started a new job and very quickly realised it wasn’t what I was led to believe it was, and the environment and working practices were not at all good. I got a massive slating at which point it looked like I was going to be booted out for not fitting in… over time it’s transpired for various reasons, (maybe the fact I didn’t care what happened any more and the fact that within 3 weeks of working there I’d applied for 6 other jobs) it’s settled down a bit.

 I had the regular Solstice party, spent Christmas alone with the moggies, and got frustrated by my lack of the muse.

 Also had some interesting offers of the complicated interpersonal variety. Discretion dictates I say no more.

 Torchwood Liverpool did get a cast, so now all that remains is to finish it off and spend the first part of 2009 filming like a loon.


Looking forward:


No resolutions, they aren’t my thing, but I’d like 2009 to be the year  :

Create a new LARP game, or at least, be running something again

Write an Original Novel

Make Torchwood Liverpool a real thing.

Get another job back in education or academia

Finish the massive ‘concept fanvid’ project I have in mind.


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