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In my head the first decade of the third millenium shall be the decade of apathetic winge-ery. It largely seemed full of a society forgetting how to do anything but panic or complain about things. Or maybe its always been like that and I'm just too wrapped up in my own personal winge-ery to notice.  There were one or two points at which people tried, en masse, to actually CHANGE things - but none of that worked out, poor sods. Instead, a government equally unsure of how to actually DO anything simply legislated to stop people gathering in such inconvenient ways.

Instead, we appear to have become a nation of mutterers and grumblers. Its not good enough, whatever it is. Not enough grit, not enough rain, not enough flu jabs, not enough religion, not enough atheism, not enough government involvement, not enough freedom from interference, not enough antibacterial hand soap.

Its too scary, whatever it is, this latest germ / terror threat / cancer scare /  immigration horror / internet / freedom / decision / weather. Someone better should be able to, nay MUST, deal with it. Not me.

The art of working out how to solve a problem for yourself, or having a go at solving someone else's problem is fallen by the wayside and is lost beneath a pile of insurance forms and legislation. The skill of taking a level of knowledgeable precaution (wash your hands, don't lick the bus) has been eradicated from the general populace.  'Fix it for us', we cry,  then 'but that's not good enough'. Our lives are soap operas of drama, filled with our daily fixes of scandal and nightmare. It's what the people want because it's what the people get. We have to have something to be afraid of, and something to moan about, and we need to be told what.

We are a generation flailing helplessly in the middle of a river, begging for a rope but unable to grasp the perfectly serviceable branch because its the wrong colour and besides, our hands might get dirty on that funny 'natural' thing.  Whatever it's called. We are sceptical of government and authority and yet at the same time we demand more of them. We are powerless because we have forgotten how to have an effect on our lives, what with tick box exams, spoonfeeding media, and over legislation where it really isn't needed. Everyone expects everything to be someone else's responsibility, and when eventually and inevitably the buck stops somewhere, the individual at the point of stoppage looks around bewildered as if it's their first day on the planet. 

Somewhere, it seems, we have entirely forgotten how to look at the world around us and make, if not actual opportunities, then certainly the best of it.  We've forgotten how to go without new clothes, buy cheaper biscuits, and still recognise there's a bottom line below which old clothes and cheap biscuits no longer make a difference.    We've forgotten that sometimes the best way to deal with illness, or bad weather, or whatever else is to recognise that illness, or bad weather, or whatever else have an effect on our lives, and accept the effect while doing the best we can to make the effect stop. Instead, we panic because further up the chain they've forgotten too, and we'll end up unemployed and having to buy cheaper metaphors. We have forgotten how to be forgiving. (Which is not at all the same as letting people off the hook)

That is, of course, if we ever did know.

Whether we did or not, it doesn't overly matter.

The real point is, where are we going? If we keep this up, nowhere fast. Authority is made of people like us, losing the knack of using our best evolved tool (brain) and instead chasing round and round in ever decreasing circles.

Where am I going, with this? Nowhere, really.  Except this. 

While I was writing this a man came to the door trying to get people to sign up to the NSPCC for fund raising. He was probably being paid a pittance to stand outside in the freezing cold and try to get people to part with their money.  I would, but the £5 a month actually makes a substantial difference to my life - it may not seem like it -  but most months I have less coming in than going out and my lifestyle isn't exactly extravagant.

But the poor lad was shaking from the cold, so I asked him in, apologised that I couldn't support the cause, but would he at least like to get warm for five minutes? He did.

He left, after his five minutes, without a signature or direct debit for his cause, but with some chocolates to share among the rest of the team working Shelton.

Why, you may ask? 

Because I'm trying to remember that everything has an effect.  There was no need for fear, or drama, or an appeal to authority, or a complaint about anything. There was one lad doing a pretty thankless job - a bit less cold & with more chocolate than he had before.  And that effect - I had that.

All by myself.


(For those looking for a more traditional summary of life's events stop by later for an account of 'FLOOD' or "How coppers think houses are built" and other stories later )
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