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Finally, it's been sorted out, so I will be starting my new job on December 1st! YAYAYAY!

In other news:

The Devil's whore made me dribble.

Einstein and Eddington made me cry.

I finally have a plot for my stopwatch exchange fic 11/2 weeks before the deadline. Arse.

HB pulled their finger out. Finally.

I'm running auditions for TWL in a week.

Note to self: My inability to fix broken people does not make me a failure. And repeat. Damn me and my desperate need to try and repair people. One day I'll manage it.
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I have been offered a JOB!!!

Don't know the start date yet, but I got the call today offering me the position.

So, I'm going to be working as a Training and Development Facilitator - basically writing training manuals, and delivering training on IT systems being rolled out by the Liverpool Primary Care Trust  (NHS).

I have never even SEEN the systems I'm going to be training people to use *snort*. Evidently my experience teaching and training, my presentation, and my cunning demonstration of my teaching materials was good enough.

Heh, funny thing about that presentation. I had it on a USB stick which UTTERLY FAILED TO WORK. You know what's good - I'd burned a copy to CD and had that with me as well. BACK-UP!!!!  I hardly ever do that, but on this occasion I'd intended to leave them with one and the tiny voice in my head said- you never know, what if it doesn't work?.

Plan B for the WIN!

*gigglenote* for any Who fans on the flist, the head of the interview panel was called Rose, and one of the others was called Donna. (Had the other been called Jack, I would have failed the interview from the lulz)

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Phew it's been a busy few days .  Much running around Manchester city centre in search of buses.
Nice to be teaching again, although it's more than a little scary - some of these kids are damn annoying. I have so many session plans to do though!

my financial picture isn't rosy, it's going to be a long hard and skint slog for a couple of months, waiting for my pay to catch up with my hours, not helped by the fact I appear to have been paid 100 quid less than I should from Manchester, which I'll be chasing up ASAP.

Good news on the tendon front, no more splint!  I am allowed 'light use' of my hand, no carrying or gripping, but moving light bits and peices about and fiddling with small things is now okay too. Stroking the cat is now officially therapy! I am allowed to type some, but no writing yet... the physio said she would let me off a few (no gripping the pen tightly!) words on a whiteboard though, which is handy (sic).

I also have a whole new set of exercises to do to hopefully stop the scar tightening (this may happen to me apparently) and doing funny things to the movement of my finger.
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As of Monday I will also be part timing in Oldham doing various health, biology snd science related sessions.  YAY !!!!!!!!!!! Plus, the possibility of more hours next year when they expand their provision.


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