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Jun. 16th, 2014 08:49 pm
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My, haven't I been gone forever...

I posted this earlier on FB :

ODC: Most awesome moment - Jupiter's Ire during a giant thunderstorm. Least awesome, horrendous abdo-cramps and back pain most of the weekend so felt even more useless and impotent than usual. I 'get' ODC as a game, and I love it as a game, I love the atmosphere and Rome, and announcing in the arena and the awesome, but I can't escape the feeling I'm just not good enough for it

So here's 2500 words of thinking

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has made me livid. If you care about freedom of sexuality and about the attitude of this government to asylum seekers facing execution for it, find and petition online. Please.

The bank charged me 250 quid a week ago for various things, despite my pointing out why my finances are in disarray right now. This took me over my od limit so I had to get a dss crisis loan to pay to get to work. I have to do same thing next week.

I collapsed on Wednesday and had to go to Manchester A&E- my ears have fucked up again but have settled a bit. now.  Missed about 80 quid of work due to it. though.

I spilt stuff all over me and the train on Friday because of useless hand combined with no balance, got badmouthed by the other passengers. I feel very crap because of my ineptitude. Stupid hand. I am now afraid of rush hour trains.

Actually roleplayed a character at a friend's steampunk LARP at the weekend, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Martyring oneself is therapeutic.

Am somewhat sweet on someone who'll never be interested. Thought I was over it, but no. Everytime I see them I want to hold them and never let go. Course, I haven't told them but it's so obviously a no, I can't see the point in wrecking a friendship for it. I should grow up.

Have applied to do a flexi QTS course to do Secondary RE. For some reason this makes a lot of sense to me.
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Had a fun event, it was a bit odd being on the 'other side', and feeling guilty I ought to be doing something on Thursday other than being drunk. But met lots of fun people and enjoyed it a lot.

Seem to be having a bit of a post event come down, also not benefitting from distinct uncertainty about my future right now.

Manchester still haven't confimed details to me, I have only a couple of weeks left at Liverpool, can't sort out going back to anthropology until MAnchester get back to me and I see if I can actually fit it in. Not to mention I doub't what manchester are paying me is enough to keep the wolves from the door even if it keeps my hand in.

 Not even interviewed for two posts here at Liverpool I figured I might have a shot at, and so I am now facing the happy prospect of the dole and all that entails- principally not being able to afford where I am living & the debts I have to pay. So all in all. not good place. And last night I was awake at 5 am with the 'you're shit, everyone hates you, your life is a mess, you deserve to fail you bad bad person' internal voices going on and on at me.

Oh yeah and I have a snotty nose.


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