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Okay, here are my angles. I don't actually have angles because I'm a very very curvy lady, but hey.

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I luv you, right. You brought Doctor Who back and that act alone is like.. oh I dunno,some suitably triumphant thing.  You made the Doctor sexual, and 21st century, and new and I came to happy terms with that, I can't stop loving you for that but I....

I don't need you right now, okay.

Sometimes I think you need someone to stop you.... I mean, you wrote that line, were you speaking to us, telling us something?

So many brilliant ideas, so much courage, such a commitment to bringing something I loved back in a new form

There's always been a resurrection metaphor, but frankly, RTD, it's time to stop.

Just because something in an episode makes you wibble, I'm not in your psche, I don't know your scars, doesn't mean it works for everyone. And gods know you can't please everyone, but I've written plots and sometimes the crack sneaks in and someone has to say NO.

Is anyone saying no to you, Russell?

Theres a point at which a deity metaphor stops being subtle. When it stops being a metaphor and ends up a bit of a creator complex.

Stops being the subtext we were smart enough to see for ourselves- if we wanted it. And I don't want a pseudo Christ...

Damnit. You are better than this telegraphing lowest common denominator bullshit and your audience is SMARTER than you give us credit for. If theres a message we will see it, you don't need a label. Your cast are talented enough to show us  not spell it out in big neon fucking signs.

And I know it fucking hurts when someone challenges your vision. Oh believe me I know and I have the scars. But it is necessary sometimes, becASE IT MAKES US GET BETTER, NOT WORSE.

You are losing people, alienating them. And it's such Christian imagery, RTD. There are so many faiths out there.... it's too christian now, too much.I can only blank it out for so long.  I can only look for the ideas and emotions hidden beyond the crack for so long...
The lonely and beautiful God should remain thus, and not a cipher for Christ, or maybe even Lucifer.  I could forgive a wrathful angel, the beauty and the terror..... but

He is and should always be both alien and human, a cipher for all of us.
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1) FANCIED changing my LJ style for a bit
2) It's been a very strange weekend
3) OMG, Dr Who

1) Well that's obvious innit!

2) Weird. Well yes, weird. Friday in the Pub and I get a funny feeling that something is going on *somewhere*. Which when you analyse it logically has to be the case but I was very aware of almost a perception shift in the universe. I was pretty damn convinced that (and it was just post solstice as well) something was changing with respect to me. How much credit you want to put on an unverifyable, unfalsifyable feeling from a woman who's just coming off prozac, who knows.

E. concludes something weird has happened with the universe as well, not least of all when it seems to transpire that he is related to another friend of ours. He later goes a little strange and collects rocks from a churchyard at 4 am. I like my friends, they are strange.

Strangeness also occurs when I meet a man in the FAB. Its odd how, when not having 'copped off' in a club for sometime leaves you thinking- um, what do I do now?  There was some snogging, phone and email details exchanged, and a vague suggestion of a further meeting at unspecified future point. I could feel myself automatically trying to put him off because I suddenly remembered it was kinda scary dealing with people that don't know me- and all the annoying having to wonder what they'll think of you, the fact I'll have to tidy the house,  and when I'd find the bloody TIME (or adjustment)  for any kind of 'normal' relationship.

Still, Brown eyes, the most incredibly soft and floppy dark hair...and a preparedness to accept the geek. About the same age as me too. AND he both texted and emailed me over the weekend. So, do I dip a defensive toe in the pond, or think that evidently I am not interested in the R word. Or simply just see how it all ends up? These questions, I don't like them. And the fact that I rather like the relationship I have with my friends and I just don't think I would be prepared to compromise. Arrrrgh. I am such a coward.

3) OMG.
Well yes, really :) delicious episode with enough Gallifrey to send E into fits of delighted hysteria, enough tech geek and past references to make M bounce, and enough emotionally loaded content to see me rendered speechless. I don't want to hear about why other people think it should be this, that or the other. I liked it. That, frankly, is all I care about. And the speculation we've had over the toclafane. (And not least to know how to spell it (Toklafain, Toclaphane or any other varient). Oh and how much raw emotion and ...d are I say it... sexuality was in the Doctor/Master phone conversation.

Fave line is

 DOCTOR- "Its like when you really fancy someone but they don't even notice you exist"
MARTHA looks put out.
JACK "You too, huh?"

But closely followed by the MASTER'S last line, the brother reference, and the past 'who' nods- the master watching teletubbies (A LA sea devils) and the jelly babies.

I figure they have to come from Utopia, and that's where the Paradox machine opens to. It would be a paradox of course because if they destroy Earth at this point humans would never get on that planet...have an empire, or any of that. (Some people say they are the Gelth but I don't think so but hell maybe they are I plan to watch that episode again, as it is the year Jack went back to so there could be some connection.)
M has the delightful theory they are the minds of all the time lord children that went mad. Not at  odds with the Utopia theory. If M is right then the Doctor might have to kill them all again, or at least send them back. How eugh would that be! Also on the theory list is the season ends with a dead TARDIS, There's going to be something BIG involving Gallifrey in season 4,  (the images were for scene setting)

Just had this idea right now coz M says there's a futurekind in the season finale.....

THE futurekind are what the humans evolve into after the Master uses the Paradox machine. We figured them as bad guys, but they aren’t, the humans aren’t really even HUMANS!




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