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Finally, it's been sorted out, so I will be starting my new job on December 1st! YAYAYAY!

In other news:

The Devil's whore made me dribble.

Einstein and Eddington made me cry.

I finally have a plot for my stopwatch exchange fic 11/2 weeks before the deadline. Arse.

HB pulled their finger out. Finally.

I'm running auditions for TWL in a week.

Note to self: My inability to fix broken people does not make me a failure. And repeat. Damn me and my desperate need to try and repair people. One day I'll manage it.
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Heheheh for that to make much sense you need to see this :


Well, I went to see the Something Of Boris yesterday.   The new Odeon is very swanky, but VERY expensive and has glass lifts (I HATE glass lifts)

God, I LURVE Bond films, I really do. They're my guilty secret. The action sequences are so fast in this one they made my head hurt. The mock Computer UIs at MI6 are absolutely gorgeous, too. And I mean, gorgeous.

I think I might have had the slash goggles on at one point though. Bond/Mathis. Oh dear.

Oh, and Daniel Craig is only attractive to me when covered in blood. Guess that makes me a sick woman.

In other news:

a)HB have failed to get their arses in gear AGAIN.
b)The pre employment Health people approved me so it's up to personnel to decide when I get the legendary start date.
c)I have picked up a couple more characters in LJRPs, because I'm nuts.
d)I have to finish a damn fic for the stopwatch PDQ really, this is no time to pick up new fandoms. Grrrrrr.
e) On the subject of fandom, I decided it doesn't matter if I haven't got a full season of Torchwood Liverpool written. If I wait t'il then I'll never film a damn thing. So I'm going to try casting eps 1 and 2 before xmas.


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