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1) Metz has written around 4000 words since that post below !

Linkies at:

2) Metz got the first Utopia fic on Teaspoon and is very smug about it. That makes  her a very very sad fangirl geek.

3) Metz is talking about herself in the third Person.

4) Metz has a feeling that she's going to be hit by a YouTube terms of use violation soonish, posted below is the userinfo from her account just coz I like it. Even if it's a teeny bit pretentious.

5)Metz took over an hour to reach resting pulse rate after watching 'Utopia' Squeeeeeeeeeeee Won't analyse it here because well, that kind of thing is best done with real people in real time really in my living room. Or the pub. Or with anyone who could hear me screeching. Probably somewhere at the end of the universe.

6)Metz invented a DrWhoniverse RPG at 3 am this morning.


Fan videos, for love.

Because I adore the shows, and I adore the songs. Because I think someone who finds a song or a show through a fanvid is a success story for the original creators. Because I believe that the only fair use is one in which no one is harmed, financially or creatively. Because we live in a time when entertainment as passive consumption can be put aside in favour of entertainment as an interactive, involving and dynamic process. Because that terrifies some people. Because the world is full of wonderful, creative individuals who are constrained, however it may be, by the financial and social aspects of society and who find their release this way.

And because I enjoy it. Because it keeps me sane. Because it teaches me things.

Long live love not profit.


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