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This week I had the two best days of work I believe it is possible to have if you are me and work for the primary care trust. There was I, training support for the pharmacy side IT for this Swine Flu hotline, with hitches and hang ups and all sorts, sorting out techie problems, developing ways of doing stuff, liaising left right and centre, and turning my hand to many different things.  11 hours Thursday, 10 yesterday, me, rocking at my job so the pharmacists can get on with theirs.

I'm not going to express any opinions on the merits or otherwise of the national pandemic flu service, because it would be somewhat inappropriate of me to do so on a public blog. Suffice to say, I do have opinions and if you know me you could possibly have a guess what they are.

Did, however find out that the place I was supposed to be moving to at the end of August has been let to someone else. The agents were very apologetic and annoyed at the landlord who hadn't bothered to tell them he'd let it.

Now I have to try and find a new place, in a different city, without any time off work, in the next 4 weeks. Good job I'm actually kinda confident in myself at the moment, really.

Elle: pretty much directed at you , but my leaving do is in the AJ on the 21st August, if you want to come along?


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