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 Today I was amused by the following post on a local university vacancies site.  Any Timelords reading my journal, here's your chance for a new career. Pay isn't brilliant tho'

Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Chronobiology: B7362IN
£22,332 - £26,666
One year fixed term in the first instance
Closing Date: 21/09/2007
Job Description

I have also been massively broken by this wonderful item made for me by [profile] blaiyzedIt was spawned by one of the crazy discussions we have been having of late, and I sincerely hope she doesn't mind be sticking it up here, because I think it deserves to be seen.  Although frankly, I think it might well totally baffle some of you :)



I still haven't got a supplementary job, and am leaving here on the 28th of September. Although I am hugely grateful for the MAnchester post, I just can't LIVE on it with the travel expenses factored in and I am running out of time with which to find something else to support myself. I was going to go back to Anthropology FT, get student loan and cope that way, but unfortunately it would clash with the times I need to be in Manchester so I can't....

I don't mind admitting that I am totally totally terrified about what I am going to do. I keep applying for other PT stuff but it simply isn't happening. I need to pull in about 3 grand doing *something* with the 1 day and 4 half days I have going spare. it won't be quite so bad after christmas when the hours go to 2 whole days, that's two less trips to Manchester a week.

The rather frightening prospect of having to move back to my Mother's raised it's head the other day, arrgh. Its probably about as easy to get to Manchester from stafford, but as my mother's house is full of Bats I might well need to live in My Grandparents, again, neeeaargh. Plus all my friends and support networks are up here.

Or, I could move to Manchester, but I don't really want to do so for a 1 year contract, and see friends comment above. I guess I have to see how it goes and if nothing turns up, think about moving. I suppose I could also contemplate house sharing but I think that might kill me and there's the cats to consider.

All in all, it's a very worrying time.


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