Sep. 17th, 2009

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Hiya all,

here I am in Stoke on Trent :)

I seem to be settling into the house well, it's nice having all the extra space and I am even motivated to keep it tidy. Lots of people I'm missing at the moment, M in particular (rediculous timing there, but I ask myself the question - would either of us have made the move if I HADN'T been about to leave the city?)  But G,F, E, I and countless others from the AJ are not far from my mind.

Have started the new Job in Derby , silly commute really but I am enjoying working with students again, the staff have all been welcoming and the job is wonderfully interesting, so vastly, vastly better than the PCT.

Will hopefully be registering at keele on the 28th. I say hopefully because my buggering previous landlord won't give me any of the deposit back, meaning I don't have the money to pay my fees, and HB haven't got back to me yet so paying the rent is about to become an issue... however, I don't feel at the moment that I can't handle the problems that may arise so all is good.

I've been posting odd updates oon my FB that cast me in the mold of pioneering space commander of the Stoke Mission. It amuses me greatly and apparently a few others as well....

Below for your edification I've listed them all so far. It should be reasonably simple to deduct my meanings from the metaphors :) 


This is Stoke Mission calling, are you receiving me, over?  September 1 at 11:16am

Stoke Mission update: have run out of biscuits but have achieved wonders with a co-ax cable. Am off to feed ship's cats and check out communications link to sleeping quarters.
September 1 at 9:27pm

status report from Stoke Mission: Have set up secondary communications device in the second living module, and connection from the sleeping quarters is good. Voice only communications system still isn't working though.
September 2 at 7:20pm

Stoke Mission status update: we may have a problem with the former mission control, but it's great to know you are with me out there Liverpool, Wirral, Newport, Birmingham and Sussex. Feeling much brighter now.
September 3 at 7:57pm

Stoke Mission Update: the Living module is really quite organised now.... but the mission commander has developed a disturbing craving for Yorkshire pud. Somewhat of a problem as I still don't have an actual oven unit in the galley.
September 6 at 12:52pm

Stoke mission Report: no local outposts have supplies of Aunt Bessie's and currently don't have the fuel to venture further afield. However, have found a source of Mountain Dew.
September 6 at 1:40pm

waiting for the communications engineer to dock. Could be any time.......
September 7 at 8:55am

Stoke Mission Module now has wired telecommunications.
September 7 at 9:52am

Stoke Mission Commander's log 7/9/09 - Have spent the afternoon exploring a series of strange canals laid down by a previous civilisation.
September 7 at 6:18pm

Stoke Mission update: Alien Life Form has invaded the galley. Has been successfully removed without injury but will continue to monitor as its point of ingress has not been determined. Science officer reports alien likely to be vulnerable to NaCl.
September 7 at 9:23pm

The Stoke Mission's laptop is convinced it is not on line. Oliver, you are online, I can tell this for sure because WE ARE ONLINE. (Unless I am dreaming this status update, and the whole of FB is a virtual reality downloaded into my brain.)
September 11 at 7:31pm •

STOKE MISSION UPDATE: refrigeration unit functioning well, really nice to have cheese again. Alien life forms still seen occasionally in galley. Ships' cats learning judo.
September 14 at 6:51pm

Stoke Mission would like to report that due to problems with the Microsoft Space Network, communications may be a little flaky right now.
September 14 at 10:10pm

Stoke Mission ship's engineer is happy to report that the ancient tabletop frying device has not exploded the ship, and it is therefore theoretically possible to have bacon.
Sep 15 at 7:40pm

Stoke Mission Update: Commander's log - successful loan of vacuum cleaning device negotiated with Mother module. However, subsequent suction problems were traced to a large number of meal worms living inside dust receptacle. Offending bat food was identified and disposed of by Science officer. Suction now okay.
September 17.


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