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Marty, installment 2.

Today he has been sneezing and has a runny eye. It's his good eye that's runny. The blind eye is fine- but then he's been having drops in that. So vet it was again. There are more eye drops.

The vet agreed that the signs, especially given he has normal temp and normal bp-point to some kind of cerebral lesion. We have to wait and see, or get him an MRI. An MRI costs a grand... and might not not tell us anything we can do anything about, or it might reveal something that can be fixed. And if it can be fixed, that won't come cheap either.

WHYWHYWHY did I cancel the insurance. I could have gone without something- selfish, short sighted cow that I am.

His Quality of life is still good. When it isn't.... Do I love him enough to let go?
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I retreived the Little One from the Trap at 5 am this morning, in reponse to frantic rattlings outside the bedroom window. She was very hungry. And making a range of funny little I can't quite meow properly noises.  And right there in my kitchen, with tuna on her one and a half ears*, washing herself.

I am overwhelmed with how something so simple can make me so warm inside.

Marty is also happy and is both eating and washing properly again.


*She's always had one and a half ears, don't worry.
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The little one has been out for well over a week now. She's got a runny nose and the sneezes.

The RSPCA man came last night and nearly netted her but she's fast and smart. I've been left with a trap that caught the wrong cat this morning, can only hope she ends up hungry enough to risk it. Moved it into the cellar bit under the house out of the rain.

She nearly came in through the door with chicken but she's just too wary and I'm not really fast enough to get the door closed. I'm supposed to be going away on Thursday but it's looking less and less likely.

Don't really know what else to do.
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The Little One has been AWOL for something over 96 hours at the time of writing. Didn't see her at all on Saturday, saw her Sunday evening, almost lured her in on Monday but was interrupted, haven't seen her at all today (although have been at work) and have bought her chicken.

Here's hoping patience works.


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