Feb. 9th, 2008 03:55 pm
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Hello tendon fans! What a week this has been.

I'm very one handed again, having managed to snap the repair* so it was back for surgery yesterday. Bigger surgery that may or may not take, if not, more complex surgery still to come. So here I am with a huge swathe of bandages on my poor hand. Still at least I know how to manage with my left now.

* I was doing my physiotherapy exercises at the time, wasn't even being naughty!

So, next week I'll lose about 100 quid or so as I am not allowed to go to work.Arse. I really, really don't know how I'll cope with that but don't have a choice.

Still gotta laugh. Gives me loads of time to make resoures for oldham, plus I'm only losing Manchester's income as it's half term, so I win timing awards for that one.
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Phew it's been a busy few days .  Much running around Manchester city centre in search of buses.
Nice to be teaching again, although it's more than a little scary - some of these kids are damn annoying. I have so many session plans to do though!

my financial picture isn't rosy, it's going to be a long hard and skint slog for a couple of months, waiting for my pay to catch up with my hours, not helped by the fact I appear to have been paid 100 quid less than I should from Manchester, which I'll be chasing up ASAP.

Good news on the tendon front, no more splint!  I am allowed 'light use' of my hand, no carrying or gripping, but moving light bits and peices about and fiddling with small things is now okay too. Stroking the cat is now officially therapy! I am allowed to type some, but no writing yet... the physio said she would let me off a few (no gripping the pen tightly!) words on a whiteboard though, which is handy (sic).

I also have a whole new set of exercises to do to hopefully stop the scar tightening (this may happen to me apparently) and doing funny things to the movement of my finger.
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Today is ....

Splint off during the day day.

Yes, as of today my hand is free, unless it's going to bed, going travelling or gets over excited.

Now I feel I should be celebrating this new found liberty, although I'm still not supposed to use it for anything...... suggestions anyone? I was contemplating calling David Tennant to come lick my fingers but seem to have lost his phone number.
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Had appointment with physio today. Apparently my tendon is doing brilliantly and I have an excellent range of movement for 3 and a half weeks.  It's apparently so good that paradoxically I'm more at risk of snapping the repair because the tendon is supporting itself by itself, rather than with scar tissue! So I get to start the new  hourly excercises sans splint (they are a bit owch) but have to carry on wearing it full time.

However, barring accidents in a week I get to go to wearing it just at night (and if I'm in a position with a high risk of traumatising it ie travelling, working, going out) but still with strict DO NOT USE instructions.

In other news.....

The bank are officially flummoxed as to what to do with me. I'm a good customer, I rarely have problems, they understand my predicament, don't know what to suggest but are still going to charge me for exceeding my overdraft limit. *shrug*

 need a second job in next 3 weeks or well, I dunno really. Start selling my body, maybe. One not so careful owner, few miles on the clock, built for comfort, excellent user satisfaction?

And I will do anything (except call centre and anything needing 2 hands, and frankly that two handed one is shaky because if it comes to tendon function vs being able to pay rent? well what do you think I'm gonna do?). I check the jobcentre jobs every day and am with several temp agencies. It's just not happening.
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After a week of practising my left handed scribbling, I have encountered cognitive dissonance.

I am capable of making legible letters, words, and indeed whole SENTENCES. I am able, albeit awkwardly, and slowly, to do crosswords. I am so damn *pleased* with myself! A dyspraxic right hander who, with the use of only the left hand is communcating, writing, bathing, dressing, vidding and just about cooking.

But hold on, I'm crap. I'm useless. I go to peices so fast people get hit by shrapnel. WTF am I  doing, actually succeeding at something? Quick, must immediately rectify this error by seeking evidence of my continuing shitness.

My vids are shit, I am fucking up everyone's life, I am not a nice person, look at the mess, total lack of washing up/tidying, SO, all the things I've messed up and failed at, and how everyone is trying to avoid me because I'm too old and boring for my friends.

Yay, much more comfortable  familiar ground here.

Stop making me think I can cope, damnit.... that way lies madness. (Particularly when It turns out I really am allowed to break a bit, but I forget and start hating myself for wibbling.)
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Had a near miss with the rage last night, I was so frustrated I was moments from ripping the bloody splint off just so I could hold a bloody pen and escape into real words again. Everyone has something that keeps them sane (talking to their mates, singing, watching doctor who, wanking, whatever it is). Now imagine you are told you can't do it for at least 7 weeks. At all.

That's where I am.

Let me say something about me....

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Today I went for a dressing change, and got a new splint fitted.
still not allowed to use hand probably for another 7 weeks.
7 bloody weeks.

not only is it my wanking hand, but its gonna make finding extra work impossible
I can just about vid and just about type, very badly

however, my key distractors when I start to wobble- doing xwords/sudoku/scribbling - not possible.
frankly that's what worries me the most.

Had to go to NHS walk in centre to have the nasty gouge in my side cleaned and dressed today as well.

That's what comes of falling over and being unable to fix it yourself.

Still, can't complain too much, it's a bloody inconvenience but it could be worse.

Oy, universe, no more shit  for a bit, huh? Please?
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thurday at 3 pm I manage to slice into my little finger with a knife. trip to a&e follows where i discover i have cut through a tendon. I also discover Slitheen in Royal Liverpool Hospital.
friday at 7.30 am i have to be at whiston to see plastics. I scare doc getting consent by pointing out my specialist subject.  yay, I am mystery shopper ethicist.
2pm sent to theatre for my first ever general anaesthetic (scary). lovely lovely anaesthetist.
they sew the thing back together.
at 5.30 i finally escape
at 7 i have my solstice party, which is huge fun if a bit messier than intended due to lack of proper sorting out previous. Some LACK OF SNOGGING though. *headdesk**seethe* one person collapses, no one is sick, toothpaste cat prints from accident in bedroom leave funny white marks on everything.
am now alone for week, with whole right hand out of action due to giant splint.
i fall over and graze hip, need to call mate to come fix it.
sometimes i wonder how I manage to cope with this stuff. Other people would be totally in bits over this. I think its annoying but overall could be worse. quite funny all told.


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